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The International Higher School of Medicine as a structural unit of the IUK scholastic consortium was set up in 2003. The primary necessity for the foundation of the school was a methodology of improving the Kyrgyz education framework and increasing competitiveness of domestic universities, which brought about the principle accentuation of IHSM organization and staff being completely centered around the production of an advanced and powerful learning establishment that can give top-notch preparation to the students and that has cutthroat possibilities in the clinical education market. The School’s MD program is positioned as one of the best in the nation with our educators, researchers, and doctors being the leading specialists in their fields.

As of now, the International Higher School of Medicine is a modern college with a complete framework, and experienced employees that are overall perceived as experts in various spaces of medication and are proficient health organizations.

The IUK is a Member of the World Association of Universities and Colleges (WAUC), Association of European Universities (EUA), European Association for International Education (EAIE), Global Alliance for Transnational Education (GATE), Federation of The Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW), International Association of Universities under UNESCO.

History of the University

Seventeen years ago the first 13 students were enrolled, though at present around 3500 learners study in the college. The vast majority of our students are residents of far-off nations: India, Pakistan, South Korea, the USA, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Japan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Turkey, and Syria. This is the reason the language of teaching is English.

In this way, the primary need for the organization of IHSM is still to proceed with the improvement of an advanced powerful educational foundation that gives excellent schooling to have a competitive potential in the medical education market.  IHSM is the top college of Kyrgyzstan as per the National Rating 2019 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyz Republic.

Albeit the way into the scholarly accomplishment of numerous employees and students is hard work to guarantee the inviolability of the fundamental mainstays of school’s success, these are truth be told three essential standards to keep it run effectively: Equity, Quality, and Transparency reflected in our school Mission and Vision and developed to the best of IHSM integrity code.

From the Rector's Pen Message


We welcome you to the International Higher School of Medicine with sheer warmth and hearty smiles! We know your career path is stemmed from passion, grit, and determination, and we vouch to trace you to a path of your dreams. MEC is one of the largest and modern medical education hubs in Kyrgyzstan. Our chest swells with pride as we declare that our university has trained thousands of highly qualified doctors who have successfully imprinted their mark in India and all across the globe. Over 2800 students have already graduated, and around 3500 students are currently mastering medical sciences.

We believe that students deserve the best, and that can be well-reflected through the modern facilities we bring to the table at MEC. We have provided excellent conditions for students as to the best quality of education and cross our hearts to progress with each day.

With the world rapidly pacing towards advancement, we have adopted a practice-oriented approach as a top priority for our educational process. Diversified training of our students is provided by our multi-level system of education and a great variety of educational programs run by experienced faculty.

Over the last 17 years, MEC has traced the status of excellence in medical education and the success of our students in FMGE, USMLE, and other licensing exams, which is a good hallmark of this all and a benchmark for fresh challenges.

We’re always happy to welcome you to our School! You will leave this temple of knowledge and wisdom with a plethora of recollections that will remain in your heart and heads forever.

I thank you for your choice to study at the International Higher School of Medicine and wish you the best in advancing your career development efforts as a medical doctor!

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    Why would it be a good idea for you to pick IHSM?

    There is a myriad range of dilemmas clouded in your heads with regards to picking the school you deserve. Allow us to assist you with hurrying one bit nearer to your dreams and wipe away any uncertainty:

    Marking Fences of Rapid Growth

    We understand that packing bags and moving overseas away from your close-knitted circle can be an overwhelming choice. However, when the decision vouches for the welfare of your loved ones, everything seems right. AT MEC, we vouch for rapid growth when it comes to your professional opportunities by gauging the most ideal alternatives for you. So are you ready to climb up the ladder with us? It is time to ensure that your ladder is placed against the right wall- become a part of the MEC family.

    Toss away fortune costing education

    At MEC, we believe that for top-quality education there’s no need to not drill holes in your pockets, rather choose wisely. The fee structure at MEC is less in comparison to the good medical colleges all across the globe. We bring quality to the table to ensure that our students and scale new heights worrying over monetary obstructions Pick the quality; pick wisely.

    Global Recognition

    Kickstart your dreams while we have you covered!  We trust in pushing limits and bringing our students all that they merit. The medical degree at MEC is perceived by international bodies including, the world health organization, European Union, the international medical education directory, and the general medical council, U.K.

    No Pressure, No Entrance Exams

    We have seen hearts and heads who wanted to become specialists to serve humankind but the entrance exams crushed their hopes and dreams. AT MEC, we believe that students need to have git and assurance to seek after their dreams, while our team will help them score well academically. Come choose the college of your dreams without having to worry about the pressing factor of juggling entrance exams.

    Quality Internships, Making a Difference

    Internships train young bubbling energy to channelize their passion in the right direction and mold better professionals. Thus, MEC makes a listicle of quality internships where students will experience professionalMEC, learn about advanced medical equipment, and train for medical practices

    Fine Accommodation

    Coming far away from homely spaces can stress you out! Not anymore! At MEC, we have accommodation as warm as your homes to ensure that nothing can distract you from your milestones. We have separate hostels for international students to ensure they can gel where their comfort lies. We’ve got you covered with everything from central heating, clean water, sweet and savory dishes.

    Pandemic Preparedness

    With the onset of Covid-19, we have taken simple yet effective measures to halt the spread of Covid-19. As a society, we are heavily invested in making our campuses safe for our students and everyone. We still believe it’s a long way to go, and thus we also ask all of our students to be cautious and observant to resume more in-person activities and welcome back more of our campus community.

    Do check all the conditions and resources for face coverings, physical distancing, hand washing, and more.



    Lab & Research