Our Services

MEC has a reputation as an institution where excellence is reflected through our service. We have expert guidance counsellors ready to help you with every problem that arises before starting your studies or during your MBBS course. We promise our students an exciting and fulfilling excursion towards their goal of completing their MBBS degree and serving humankind.

MBBS Abroad

To bridge the gap between the Indian and Foreign Medical Curriculum, MEC worked with the situation of Full time and visiting personnel at our different related colleges and found the perfect solution for the students.


Most of the students dream to study in a foreign university but the thought of huge loan debts stops them from pursuing their dreams. But MEC is here to help the students belonging to weak financial backgrounds in order to help them get their dream job and fulfill their destiny.


Studying abroad is the dream of millions around the world and MEC is trying its best to help those students get into their dream colleges. As we all know international exposure brings better knowledge, skills, experiences to the students and helps them reach their ultimate goal in life. MEC is the one and only making the dreams of young minds come true.

Visa & Travel Assistance

Getting a student visa is very difficult as a ton of documentation is associated with this process. Also, every nation has a different set of requisites so it’s fundamental to be all-around familiar with the visa prerequisites of the country you need to study in. Don’t worry, MEC is just the one you need to remove all the student visa-related issues

Clinical Experience

There are countless reasons to do a medical internship abroad and there are multiple program providers and entry-level position choices given to the students. MEC makes sure the students moving abroad to study get multiple work opportunities.


The students seeking help for their registration in their preferred colleges can get help by calling the advisors working in MEC and can get the help they want.


First-year lodging convenience is required for all students traveling to student MBBS abroad. From the subsequent year, you can look for on-campus residence facilities if your university offers one or other off-campus accommodation alternatives incorporating sharing lofts.  The rentals vary from one spot to another.  Your student coordinators at University will help you explore different accommodation choices accessible to you.

Graduation Service

Graduation Services’ main function is to help students and the colleges in the final steps of the academic journey. MEC has hosted many events in the past in which degree distribution has successfully taken place after the completion of student’s MBBS degree from their college.

Training for Local Board Exam

The students studying in the foreign university are trained to qualify the local medical board exam.