About Us

With MEC, every bit of knowledge and every improvement equips our students with an unparalleled, collaborative learning atmosphere and helps improve the vitality and care of our communities. Our global reputation entailing stellar medical curriculum and international clinical circles enables students to practice in countries like India,  Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Barbados, and other countries of their choice!

Nothing makes us proud to see you shine in the white coat and have you in the place you dreamt of. Our goal is to see you achieve what you dreamt of.  One day, we will know we helped create a superhero for the world.


The founders of MEC Pvt Ltd have envisaged and carved a path that is every student’s expectation and dream in a world of cut throat competition and limited assets as well as opportunities attributable to circumstantial reasons.

The company believes education and a noble profession remain of utmost significance to the community. Any service business must work aggressively to make its client’s life simpler and better.

MEC is a family that will keep on growing with its newer members every year. The management has ensured to pick and support members of this family that hold the values at the core of this institution.


The sole mission of MEC Pvt Ltd is to convey and teach quality education at a pocket-friendly expense with a consistent emphasis on personalized consideration to each and every young enthusiastic medical student.

The foundation wants to reaffirm individual’s confidence in medical education abroad, by being one of its sorts, in providing full five years and beyond support to all the students and their families while they spend their time abroad.

MEC has a mission to reduce the lack of good doctors in India and promote employment and Indian hospitals exposure for students.

Giving monetary help to the students to facilitate the burden of educational expenses in studying professional courses will always remain as the major priority of MEC.

Going ahead, the company has its team working vivaciously to create the admissions, study, and graduation process seamlessly and integrate authoritative structural MEC in its functioning.


MEC is a global company with a foresighted vision to improve the Healthcare Education System. Right when you choose to connect with us, you connect with an intercontinental experience with home grown values and missions for enlightening traditions set up in the imperative lead of:

•    Intellectual Excellence
•    Quality Products and services
•    Accountability
•    Transparency

•    Reliability
•    Passion
•    Client Satisfaction